Dive Point 57

Die Tauchschule

Dive Point 57 is the diving school in Germany  Siegerland. Here with us you can make your first diving experience. From the first  diving or further courses to instructors (IDC / IE complete).
Why should you come to us?
Since we have the possibility that you can decide for yourself whether you want to do the course in the lake or in the sea. Especially in the winter months it is more beautiful for many people to fly into the sun for a few more days and to complete the course (the courses) there in summer temperatures. We have a TOP partner diving school in the Canary Islands that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you are diving from the beach or from the boat, you can decide for yourself.
We offer the right course for everyone interested. Just tell us what your goals are in diving and we'll look at the order in which we Approach it.

Euer Dive Point 57 Team

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